Friday, February 26, 2010

Saint Patties Day's Crafts

Well today is the day that I have made my own Blog. The reason I have made this blog is just because I am bored at home with nothing to do and thought it would be fun. I know I love sitting here looking at other peoples crafts they do to get ideas.
I really don’t know what to Wright about in a blog except Crafts. That’s about the only thing I really like to do ask my friends they all call me a grandma. Any way’s I will fist start off with my Saint Patties Day's crafts I have done not much to say really they kept me busy for a day and well there Green.

This one is my Favorite I love these signs!

I just remembered that the hook that the sign is hanging on is a FAKE...I made that from an old little pumpkin Halloween decor post and a Curtin rod from the dollar store. I was short on money but I really wanted to finish this project.  

I don’t know what you would call this its just a little post with a dowel coming out of it.

Then you just put the curtin rod on the poll but take the one end off.
Then you Have it WahLa!!!
Here’s my leprecon Hat I made also.
Well I guess that’s all I have for you tonight its the weekend and hopefully I can keep my self occupied this weekend. Lets see what else I can come up with.
                                          Talk to you all tomorrow if there is anyone reading this.