Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hutch Luck

I was so lucky to find this hutch. It has a story too, It started out as my husbands grandmothers that she had purchased in the 60's she got tired of the plain wood in the 90's and decided to paint it white, It looked good until she put the clear coat on. It had turned a yellow color. She was gonna throw it away and then my mother-in law took it and she just painted it white again. My mother-in law then grew sick of the white hutch when she had purchased a new kitchen set and put it out side. One day I was over there and asked he if I could have it and no one had faith in me to fix it back up. When I got this hutch it looked trashed it was all dirty and weathered and the wood looked like it had split in alot of places. But nope it was just the paint bubbling and cracking, Here are my pics.

Well I couldent find a before picture. So here is after I started it. I was almost done sanding.

Here is after, I love it I just need some glass for the upper doors.

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